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Please bear with us as we create content to advertise on our website's e-catalog. We are actively creating and working on new data rich content for you to peruse at the comfort of wherever you may be. Currently we are striving to collect accurate weight information with regards to our current online product offerings. Therefore, please be advised that many items are without known or even correct weights. This lack of information hinders us from turning on our store "globally". If you are interested in purchasing product, contact our staff so we can post a current price on the web store as well as the correct shipping weights so online purchasing and delivery calculations will work properly. We have a contract freight rate negotiated with Loomis courier that is competitive. Our online payment portal is connected and working. Until the web store is further developed, this is how we will do business with many online items in the interim.

So thank you all in advance for your patience as this is e-catalog is being developed by one person at the moment...mostly during the evening hours.

In the meantime, feel free to make product line requests that will help us prioritize what we should be digitizing into our e-catalog first. Your input counts.

Other than that; How may we be of personal assistance to you?