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Barrel Pumps

  • 1 Litre Per Stroke Drum Pump 350115

    1 Litre Per Stroke Drum Pump 350115

    Designed to dispense exact amounts of petroleum based fluidsAdjustment screw allows pump to be set to deliver 1 litre or 1 quart per strokeRack and pinion mechanism is very precise; ideal for applications requiring metered deliverySpring loaded...

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  • 3:1 High Volume Rotary Fuel Pump 350118

    3:1 High Volume Rotary Fuel Pump 350118

    Geared rotary barrel pump turns rotor 3 times for each turn of the handleDispenses up to 55 gallons (205 litres) in just 3 minutesIdeal for use where volume fuel dispensing is requiredDie cast aluminum pump body with die cast zinc rotor and vanesBuilt-in...

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  • Diaphram Fuel Pump  11800

    Diaphram Fuel Pump 11800

    2" bung adapter and manual nozzle (L30-90N)22" to 39" telescoping suction tube with foot valve (L30-99N)Fits 15 to 55 gallon drums8’ hose with static wireDispenses 1 gallon per every 8 strokesLockable handleAirtight valvesHeavy duty diaphragm with large...

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  • Diaphram Fuel Pump 350107

    Diaphram Fuel Pump 350107

    Suitable for gasoline and diesel fuelsHigh volume double action pump delivers on both strokes for fast fuellingDie cast aluminum constructionStainless steel piston and fuel resistant diaphragmExtra heavy duty steel handle with security locking...

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  • Lever Action Barrel Pump  11092A

    Lever Action Barrel Pump 11092A

    Specially designed for the fast transfer of lubricants, solvents, agricultural and industrial chemicals, additives and other non-corrosive liquidsNot for use with anti-freezeHeavy Duty hand operated lever action dispenses approximately 3/4 pint (350 ml)...

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  • Lever Action Oil Pump  11091

    Lever Action Oil Pump 11091

    For transmission fluid and heavier oils (max. 140 wt.)Fits 5 gallon (20 liter) pailsIncludes drum cover, 48" delivery hose, 46" usable hose length1L per 12 strokes, 2 oz. per stroke Dynaline Catalog 

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  • Lever Barrel Pump 350105

    Lever Barrel Pump 350105

    Suitable for use with all oil based fluidsRugged epoxy coated pump assemblyTough all steel foot valve and piston valve Complete with 2 piece draw tube

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  • Lever Bucket Pump 350106

    Lever Bucket Pump 350106

    Suitable for transfer of transmission, differential and heavier oilsZinc die cast head and adjustable flange Epoxy coated, corrosion resistant 12" drum cover18" zinc plated pump bodyComplete with 48" fuel resistant soft PVC hose with nozzle

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  • Nylon Chemical Pump 350109

    Nylon Chemical Pump 350109

    Excellent for use with lacquer thinners, acetone, MEK, antifreeze, detergents, windshield washer fluids, mild acids, weed killer, water and glycerineNylon pump with stainless steel plunger rod and Teflon sealsNot recommended for strong acids or...

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  • Plastic Lever Pump 350113

    Plastic Lever Pump 350113

    Lever action barrel pump designed for use with high viscosity fluidsSpecial design makes pumping thick liquids easier reducing operator fatigueBuilt in 2" bung adapter with lock nut allows pump handle to be positioned convenientlyAir vent cap stops...

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  • Plastic Rotary Pump 350114

    Plastic Rotary Pump 350114

    Rotary barrel pump designed for use with media which cannot be pumped with cast iron or steel pumpsGlass filled polypropylene body with Ryton® vanes, Viton® seals and stainless steel hardware for maximum resistance to chemicalsStrainer fitted on suction...

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  • Polypropylene Chemical Pump 350108

    Polypropylene Chemical Pump 350108

    Suitable for use with antifreeze, detergents, windshield washer fluid, mild acids and glycerinePolypropylene pump with steel plunger rod and Viton sealsNot recommended for water, strong acids, lacquers, acetone and gasolineProfessional duty

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