I'd like to share a couple of tips

Posted by Jason on 2018 Sep 7th

With regards to hydraulic fittings, 

JIC hydraulic thread is the same as UNF bolt thread for certain sizes. In an emergency, you can make a fitting or a plug from a UNF bolt that matches your female port size. To make a fitting simply drill into the head and tap to a conservative thread size being mindful of where the bolt head narrows to the shank. Please use a 90 durometer 901 ~ 932 series o-ring with your repair and stand clear as it is not certified by any means and should be replaced with a proper hydraulic fitting as soon as possible.

Deutsches Institut für Normung hereon in called DIN, is quite efficient as a two-in-one fitting solution. The engineers who designed it use a metal backed seal on the outer diameter of the male fitting, just like BSPP thread, which seats against a flat boss on the female side. However, the DIN system offers a secondary feature on their male threaded tube fittings. There is a 24 degree tapered seat machined into its face so the user can insert high pressure steel line (which is measured by its O.D.) and attach it directly to the fitting with the simple addition of a compression sleeve and compression nut. Please be aware however, there are two types of male metric threaded fittings; port & tube. Only the tube style allows for metal piping to be inserted with the compression nut and sleeve.

Regards,  Jason